Product Advertising Photography by Robert Weber

About Robert Weber Photography

Robert Weber Photography specializes in commercial and industrial photography. Our state-of-the-art studio is well equipped to meet all of your advertising photography needs. We know that having the right equipment, space, and experience are all important aspects of getting the job done efficiently and effectively, and we've designed our studio to make sure your photography session is as enjoyable as it is productive.

The main shooting area measures 1200 square feet. Half of this space is painted white with a floating and articulating "butterfly" flat for high key lighting or other specialty applications. The other half is black for ultimate light control. In our secondary, smaller shooting area, you will find a workbench, tools, and production area to assist you with product preparation.

Our modern and uncluttered kitchen area is suitable for small to medium food shoot preparation. There is also a make-up and dressing room, with steamer and iron, including an infant changing station

We maintain a full compliment of neutral gray background papers from white to black, a selection of large fabric backgrounds, and a limited assortment of Formica backgrounds., There is also a permanent 8'x8' brick wall with removable hardwood flooring, perfect for smaller set-ups that require an urban loft feel. All of these backgrounds are included with our studio services.

On location, we come prepared with the right tools and equipment necessary to meet any lighting challenge and/or photography need to ensure that the shoot goes as planned and gives you the results you're looking for.

Whether in our studio or on location, we can bring your photography to life. Get Directions to our studio.

Contact Rob to schedule your appointment or to learn more about us.